Join us and take part in our International Inter-cultural Youth Exchange programs as well as learning opportunities, so you can be able to contribute to your community’s development, and global development at large.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click on the Apply Online link in this phrase. Thank you so much for your time.


  •  To create mutual understanding among young people from different cultural backgrounds.

  • To create a wider exposure beyond one’s boarders to: different societies, people, cultures and languages among others.

  •  To impart new skills and knowledge into young people.

  •  To enable one create new friends/contacts globally, that would lead to future human growth, hence, development.

  •  To create an opportunity for people to interact with others from different, diverse cultural backgrounds.

  •  To provide a platform for the sharing of knowledge and ideas among young people, thus learning from each other.

  •  To enable young people show case their different talents and cultural values, and also learn new ones.

  •  To create peace and unity, thus co-existence among young people from different cultural backgrounds.

  •  To take advantage of the unlimited opportunities beyond boarders.


Host an international volunteer in your home!

The world has become a small global village, whereby it’s very vital to share knowledge about other people’s cultures and customs.

For that matter therefore,  hosting a young person from another country in your home can be an amazing great experience, that will enable you to understand the social, economic, as well as cultural differences among people from different nations, thus enriching your diversity.

If your family is willing to host a young volunteer, provide  a bed room, a space to live and study, and share their meals with a foreign K8young person, please contact us.

Welcome an "International Volunteer" in your organisation!

If you would like to host a young volunteer from abroad in your organisation, to offer her/him a place to live, to work and learn together with other volunteers and professionals, do not hesitate to contact Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU).

VOCU will be more than willing to share with you, all the information about becoming a host project/organisation. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you

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