Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-discriminative charity organization fully registered and based in Kampala (Uganda’s Capital) at Plot. 04 Mobutu Road, Makindye Division, Kampala-Uganda.

Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) is also a YOUTH focused voluntary organization which aims at empowering and influencing a people to people connectivity through a cross cultural interaction and immersion locally and internationally.

VOCU mainly focuses on programs and projects handling social issues; Human Rights, Disability, Social Justice, Access to Education, Environmental Sustainability and Adventure among others.

Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) runs a volunteer’s exchange program, whereby volunteers from Uganda are sent to countries abroad where they volunteer with charity organizations for a period of one year, while Volunteers from abroad also come to Uganda and do the same.


A peaceful and meaning full co-existence among nations through the promotion of Inter-cultural Youth Exchange.


To promote Cultural and Social awareness, inclusiveness and participation with a global perspective.


"The Struggle Continues".


Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) stands by the following core values; Unity, Diversity, Justice for all, Equality and Accountability.