Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) runs a volunteer’s exchange program, whereby volunteers from Uganda are sent to countries abroad where they volunteer with charity organizations for a period of one year, while Volunteers from abroad also come to Uganda and do the same.


  • To improve and impact the lives of people in needy communities through volunteer placements.

  •  To promote international Youth Cultural Exchange as a global youth platform for positive change.

  •  To promote and expand partnerships and friendship among people of similar interests.

  •  To promote work camp movements through voluntary work.

  •  To make a difference in society by initiating and undertaking community based project and services that promote cultural/ social diversity and identity.


  • Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) carries out its activities in the fields of Social and Economic Development through voluntary work programs that are geared towards assisting needy communities.


  • VOCU carries out training programs in capacity building to volunteers, staff and partner organizations in Uganda.

  • VOCU conducts training in the field of voluntary work to the youth, so that young people reckon the value in lending a hand to
    others in need, without expecting a reward after, but rather a free service rendered in good faith.

  • VOCU also equips young people with relevant skills to enable them discover their potential, by enabling them to identify their God given gifts, develop them and also use their talents to better themselves financially.

  • Through its motivation campaigns and programs, VOCU trains, influences and encourages young people on how to be innovative and create their own employment as opposed to looking for jobs which are very scarce these days.

  • Furthermore, VOCU trains and equips the youth with Counseling and Guidance skills to enable them make a difference in the lives of their clients who might need counseling and guidance, in order to cope up with their situation.


Volunteers are accepted for a minimum period of two weeks and a maximum of 12 months (one year), with a possibility of an extension on request.


Volunteers for Change Uganda (VOCU) program is open to anybody aged 18-35 of any nationality, race, religious belief among others, and applications are received throughout the year.